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Raising kids in a world where race matters

At EmbraceRace, we are building an online community to discuss and share best practices for raising and caring for kids, all kids, in the context of race.



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Educate and inform adults about the pervasive impact of race kid's lives


Help caregivers nurture resilient kids of color and racial literacy in all kids


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What We're Talking About


Not black, not white, not yellow, not brown (Latino), but brown (Filipino)

Growing up the son of Filipino immigrants — a city kid, not black or white or Latino, maybe Asian — I pondered my worth in this society. I don’t remember the specific moment when I realized that there were a lot of people to whom my life didn’t matter much ...

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A Black princess who saves herself and exposes princess culture?

Princess Adrienne doesn’t want to be saved or belong to a prince. So she decides to save herself and her seven sisters who are also trapped in towers ... 

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