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At EmbraceRace, we are building an online community to discuss and share best practices for raising and caring for kids, all kids, in the context of race.



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Educate and inform adults about the pervasive impact of race kid's lives


Help caregivers nurture resilient kids of color and racial literacy in all kids


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What We're Talking About


Something More is required of us now. What?

I have struggled to find words to express what I thought and felt as I watched the videos of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile being killed by the police. Last night, I wanted to say something that hasn’t been said a hundred times before... 

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Why are all the white dolls sitting together on the Target shelf?

I guess they only like white people,” my 5-year old said the first time she noticed the Our Generation doll section at Target.

Screeeech! I stopped our cart short ...

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