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At EmbraceRace, we are building an online community to discuss and share best practices for raising and caring for kids, all kids, in the context of race.


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Educate and inform adults about the pervasive impact of race on kids' lives


Help caregivers nurture resilient kids of color and racial literacy in all kids


Help caring adults become effective racial equality advocates for kids


What We're Talking About


Your 5-year-old is already racially biased. Here’s what you can do about it.

Well before their teen years, the vast majority of children are well aware of prevailing biases, and most kids, of all racial stripes, have taken on a bunch of their own ...

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MUSLIM IN TRUMp's America: Dispatch from a "Progressive" college town

I am an immigrant — a brown-skinned, Muslim, South Asian woman, a minority, a U.S. citizen ... I am accustomed to feeling like an outsider, but in the current political climate, I am more afraid here than I’ve ever been ...

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