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We're happy to announce the launch of the EmbraceRace Podcast!

EmbraceRace Podcast

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The EmbraceRace podcast brings you the best and latest advice on how to guide kids around race through informative conversations with researchers, practitioners and community members. In this inaugural season, we counter long-standing myths about race and kids and talk about How Kids ACTUALLY Learn About Race. The podcast is an extension of the work of EmbraceRace and is hosted by EmbraceRace cofounders, Melissa Giraud and Andrew Grant-Thomas. Thanks to the EmbraceRace staff and to our podcast production team (more on them below) for their contributions and magic making!

Season One - How Kids ACTUALLY Learn About Race

Introducing the EmbraceRace Podcast

A preview of the season! Follow us wherever you listen.

Episode 1 - Do young kids (and babies) really see race?

What do we know about whether and how babies and young children perceive racial differences? How do we translate that knowledge into our everyday caregiving of babies and young children?

Episode 2 - Are younger generations less racist than older ones?

Are racial attitudes really improving with younger generations? What are the implications of the widely held belief that “racism will die off with older generations” for racial justice and for parenting?

Episode 3 - Will multiracial kids lead the way to racial harmony?

Why are (some) multiracial kids are often seen as part of the solution to our racial woes? How does that belief affect those kids and how might we respond as caregivers?

Episode 4 - Does talking about race make you racist?

We come across this myth in our work A LOT. Actually, ignoring race affects kids of all colors negatively! We talk about why and share examples of how to speak directly and effectively about race with kids instead.

Episode 5 - Are “racist" kids necessarily raised by “racist” parents? (Part 1 - Children’s Media)

Kids learn about race from many sources and many of those lessons cause problems. Media is one such source. We take a critical look at children’s media and discuss strategies for raising to resist the stereotypes they encounter.

Episode 6 - Are “racist” kids necessarily raised by “racist” parents? (Part 2 - What visible systems of inequality teach kids about race)

Kids learn about race from many sources. How do kids make sense of the systemic inequality they see all around them? Why do they often come to wrong conclusions and how do guide them to make that less likely?

Episode 7 - Season Finale! Friends reflect on their race and kids journeys as caregivers

Andrew & Melissa are joined by friends who they’ve been having the race and kids conversation with for years. What have they all learned? How has parenting and caregiver changed in the intervening years?

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