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We're happy to announce the launch of the EmbraceRace Podcast!

Reflections on Children's Racial Learning

A growing movement of parents, caregivers, researchers, and educators is pushing to address race, racial justice and related topics explicitly with young kids in a meaningful way. The inaugural Reflections on Children’s Racial Learning chronicles the substantial work already being done in the emerging field of children’s racial learning and highlights what more can be done to develop the field further.
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You’ve seen the videos and read the headlines - angry parents yelling at bewildered school board members about “critical race theory” running rampant in their kids’ classroom. (It’s not.) State legislatures passing laws to suppress honest teaching and learning about race and history in our schools. Those videos and headlines don’t tell the full story. The forces of racial regression may capture the headlines, but beneath the waterline a powerful, color-brave countercurrent is gathering momentum.

This first-ever Reflections on Children’s Racial Learning begins to tell the story of that countercurrent. Leaders in the parenting, education, health, children's media and social science research spaces share what they're seeing. It's very encouraging!


of parents are very open to educating children about race and racism


of parents recognize that it is urgent to educate children about race and racism.

We're excited to share these reflections on children's racial learning with you.

Download the full report!
We must invest in children’s racial learning as if it were integral to every child’s development. Because, in fact, it is!
Melissa Giraud & Andrew Grant-Thomas, Co-founders, EmbraceRace