The challenge

As US racial divisions and inequities grow sharper and more painful, the work of envisioning and creating systems of authentic racial inclusion and belonging in the United States remains work in progress. We believe that reversing the trend must begin in our homes, schools, and communities with our children’s hearts and minds.

Who is EmbraceRace?

EmbraceRace is a multiracial community of parents, teachers, experts, and other caring adults who support each other to meet the challenges that race poses to our children, families, and communities. We welcome your participation.

How EmbraceRace?

At EmbraceRace, we identify, organize – and, as needed, create – the tools, resources, discussion spaces, and networks we need to meet 4 goals:

  1. Nurture resilience in children of color
  2. Nurture inclusive, empathetic children of all stripes
  3. Raise kids who think critically about racial inequity
  4. Support a movement of kid and adult racial justice advocates for all children