Our Impact

With each new piece of content or webinar we publish our community of parents, guardians, educators, and advocates grows. In turn they impact the lives of children and our communities to exponential effect.

  • "When my daughter turned 3, I started thinking about how I can raise her with honest conversations about race. I’m white and my partner is Asian, and I didn’t have much context or even comfort talking about race. I turned to EmbraceRace and the webinars and info graphics were really empowering, just to provide the research and stories I needed to gain more comfort in talking about race." -Parent or Guardian
  • "Webinars empower me  (white mom) to be more informed in raising my (biracial) sons. I feel more informed and love your approach." -Parent or Guardian
  • "I work at an organization that supports family child care educators, and we have used and distributed ER tip sheets as part of our work to promote equity and equity education among the educators in our networks." -Educator
  • "I am a teacher so I am using every and all articles to better educate myself and make my classroom a more inclusive space for everyone." -Educator
  • "Our organization, Indigo Cultural Center, does lots of trainings with professionals who support early childhood teachers (quality coaches, mental health consultants, community trainers). We list EmbraceRace in our resource list every single time. More specifically, we go to EmbraceRace for specific scripted examples of how parents and teachers talk with young children about race and social justice. Then we spend time processing how they might adapt these conversations themselves." -Educator

In the News

How can we embrace race? Learn from this couple advocating for change, Interview with EmbraceRace cofounders, Melissa Giraud and Andrew Grant-Thomas, CNN, 7/1/20

How to Talk to Kids about Race and Justice, EmbraceRace cofounders, Melissa Giraud and Andrew Grant-Thomas, speak to On Point Radio host, Meghna Chakrabarti, on MLK Day. 1/20/20

The Impact of Racism on Children’s Health, New York Times, 8/12/19 (in which EmbraceRace tipsheets/action guides are recommended as resources)

Becoming a parent forced me to finally confront white supremacy, Mashable, 9/4/19

They were raised to be ‘colorblind’ — but now more white parents are learning to talk about race, Washington Post, 2/27/ 2019

EmbraceRace By The Numbers

  • 170+ original articles and personal stories, 100+ authors and storytellers
  • 34 Talking Kids & Race webinars, 60+ expert guests, up to 1,600 registrants per session.
  • Regular monthly newsletter and mailings to 33K+ subscribers; over 90 curated links shared monthly to over 28K+ Facebook fans
  • Partnerships with national, regional, and local organizations including the American Psychological Association, The Eric Carle Museum for Picture Book Art, Optum Health, Amherst Media, and the Prejudice and Intergroup Relations Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Content That Drives Change

From a recent survey our community shared how they have used the resources and learning shared by EmbraceRace.

  • 96% had a greater understanding of the importance of talking to children about race/ethnicity
  • 96% had a greater understanding about how parents shape how their children think about race/ethnicity
  • 93% had an improved ability to talk to children in their family about race/ethnicity
  • 95% had been motivated to play a larger role in shaping the attitudes of their children about race/ethnicity
  • 76% had shared educational materials about racial/ethnic groups with their children
  • 75% had provided their children with opportunities to play/socialize with children from other racial/ethnic groups.