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We're happy to announce the launch of the EmbraceRace Podcast!

Rapid Response Research Network

Supporting the antiracism research we need. An online “bulletin board” for family members - adults and kids - interested in testing and identifying practical antiracist tools. Because when we know better, we can be better.
For parents or guardians raising children, ages 0 to 17
Caregiver and child

About R3

EmbraceRace supports the development of more antiracist interventions. You can help, too, by joining our secure network of adults and children interested in taking part in fun, educational anti-racist research. When you join, you agree to receive notifications from EmbraceRace about studies for which your family qualifies. EmbraceRace essentially “matches” you with studies by researchers who fit our partner guidelines and you decide whether to participate or not.

Whether or not to participate in a study, and whether or not to provide researchers with information about your family, will be up to you and you alone.

More R3

About EmbraceRace

EmbraceRace was founded in 2016 by two parents to create the community and gather the resources they need to meet the challenges of raising children in a world where race matters. We organize and create the tools, resources, discussion spaces, and networks that parents, early childhood educators, and other adults need to raise children who are thoughtful, informed and brave about race.


Are you a parent or guardian raising children, ages 0 to 17? Join our R3 Network to be notified about cutting-edge research that can help you, and all of us, learn more and do better.

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