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EmbraceRace's Early Childhood Community

The EmbraceRace Early Childhood Community is made up of online communities of learning and practice (COLPs) where parents, caregivers and educators to young children (0-8 years) learn from and with each other to create spaces that nourish children who fully embrace their own - and each others’ - humanity. Supporting adults to raise all children to embrace their own and each others' humanity is part of the larger work of EmbraceRace.

New COLPs start several times a year and meet for 5 one-hour sessions that are held every other week. These are not sit and get training sessions but rather a chance to explore ideas, share experiences, and learn from and with others in the group.

  • The theme for our Fall 2023 COLPs is Growing Healthy Racial Identities for Young Children of Color. The COLPs are geared at adults who play an important part in the life of one or more young (0 to 8) children of color. Learn more about this session and/or register here!

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More ways to join

If you are a guardian, parent, teacher or other caregiver raising and mentoring one or more children ages 0 to 8, consider joining and building this learning community with us!

  • Join the Early Childhood Social Learning Group on Mighty Networks.
  • Join one of our Communities of Learning and Practice! We'll let you know through the newsletter when registration for the Winter 2023 session is open.
  • Any questions/concerns? Email us at

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Early Childhood Resources

Supporting Healthy Racial Learning in Early Childhood - myriad resources from EmbraceRace

The EmbraceRace Early Childhood Community is funded in part by generous donations from the LEGO Community Fund, the Heising-Simons Foundation, and the Rite Aid Foundation.