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We're happy to announce the launch of the EmbraceRace Podcast!

The Key Role of Educators in the Emerging Field of Children’s Racial Learning

Note: We partnered on this webinar with If you want to watch it for Continuing Education Credit, you can signup to join the community (for free) and then watch it (and other webinars mostly geared at educators) on their platform. You can also watch it here if credit doesn't matter. What follows is their blurb of the webinar. Thanks!

The headlines tell us that in recent years our schools have become a battleground over whether and how to teach our children about race and racism. In EmbraceRace’s recent Reflections on Children's Racial Learning report, they begin to chronicle the counter-narrative, highlighting the emergence of a multi-sectoral field of learning and practice centered on children’s racial learning. The Reflections report provides insights from leading experts in education, parenting, children’s media, healthcare, and social science research on the critical work being done in this emerging field, and on what more can be done to teach children about race in healthy, affirming ways.

During this edWebinar, you learn about why effective guidance and modeling from adults is necessary to help kids overcome the odds of developing racial biases and anxieties and be more prepared to act in ways that help dismantle structural racism. The presenters invite educators to consider how they can join the diverse and growing group of educators, parents, media professionals, healthcare providers, and others who are planting the seeds of healthy racial learning for children across America. In addition, they share ideas and resources for educators who are motivated to help build the field of children’s racial learning.


Melissa Giraud

Melissa Giraud (she/her) ​is co-founder and co-director of ​EmbraceRace, where she leads efforts to support parents, educators and other caregivers to raise children who are thoughtful, informed and brave about race. More about Melissa >
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Andrew Grant-Thomas

Andrew Grant-Thomas is a co-founder of More about Andrew >
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Debbie LeeKeenan

Debbie LeeKeenan is a long time social justice educator, early childhood consultant, lecturer, and author. She has been in the field of early education for over 48 years. She is a former preschool, special education, and elementary school teacher.… More about Debbie >
Debbie LeeKeenan

Christina Rucinski

Christina Rucinski (she/her) is a White former educator and academic, serving as the Research-to-Practice Program Manager at EmbraceRace. In this role, she translates insights from scientific research to inform caregiver and educator practices to support healthy racial learning in young children. More about Christina >
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