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Your stories of hope

George Floyd Remembered 700 x 460

In advance of the second anniversary of George Floyd's murder, we invited you to share your stories of healing and hope to honor his memory and “spur us to reimagine what’s possible." Specifically, we asked you to tell us how your immediate or wider community has helped you heal or find hope in the wake of that traumatic event and in the midst of ongoing racialized violence in the United States.

Some of you sent in stories immediately. Stories like this one.

My community has come together on many occasions to support each other in the wake of racialized violence. In particular, my school community is unafraid to address issues that people might feel challenged to discuss, and I am grateful for that. But, more than anything, I find hope in my students ... My students make me laugh; they show me what resilience looks like; they remind me that they are here in front of me to learn and grow; they need me and I need them.

Alicia Lopez, educator

It felt like a big hug to get those initial stories of hope!

And then, the day after we issued our call for stories, Uvalde happened - and we had a hard time finding hope ourselves. But one of our team members pointed out that for many, stories of healing and hope are exactly what many of us need in extremely challenging times.

Sure enough, the stories kept coming in. Thank you.

This is our last call for submissions. We will continue to gather your 50-250-word Stories of Hope through July 8th and will start sharing some of them even sooner. We hope yours will be one of them.

We all need stories of hope and most of us get to those stories, eventually, if we dig deep. What're you seeing in your corner of the world that makes you hopeful? Let us know here.


Andrew, Melissa & the whole EmbraceRace team