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We need to hear each others stories.

One of the many challenges of living in a racially segregated and deeply unequal society is that we are much more likely to interact, value and even love people like ourselves - racially, politically, economically, etc. - than we are to interact with people who are unlike us. Not knowing each other well across racial lines makes it that much harder to care about each other and to include each other in our circle of concern. And it makes it easier to stereotype, fear and even harm each other, intentionally or not.

There is a lot we must work to build bridges and break down barriers. We believe that telling our stories and hearing each others stories across lines of difference is part of that work. That's why we try to incorporate storytelling and sharing in much of the work we do.

In a forest or jungle, the canopy is the top layer of vegetation that gets most of the light. The understory is the vegetation found further down that doesn't get enough attention but is critical to the health of the system. We call our story work The Understory because we are particularly interested in lifting up those less told stories.

Story projects to date are chronicled below. More to come!

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EmbraceRace Community Audio Stories

We collect fabulous stories from YOU, the EmbraceRace community, about how race shows up in your lives - from the joyful to the oppressive, sometimes in the same story. Take a listen!

Stories of Hope

To mark the second anniversary of George Floyd's murder, we invited the EmbraceRace community to share stories of healing and hope to honor his memory and “spur us to reimagine what’s possible." The prompt asked our community how their immediate or wider community has helped them heal or find hope in the wake of that traumatic event and in the midst of ongoing racialized violence in the United States. Between May 25 and July 8, 2022 we received so many moving stories from caregivers, educators and other adults in the lives of children. Click below to read a selection of those mini stories of hope.