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What Stories?

We want first-person stories in which race is central and meaningful. We welcome stories about the intersections of race, culture & other identities.

Whose Stories?

Anyone’s! Especially stories from folks in communities and with identities that are not often heard in the public square.

What’s the Process?

We match storytellers with UNDERSTORY storytelling coaches to record a 5-7-minute audio story.

How are the stories used?

Stories may be published & shared across EmbraceRace platforms, curricula, and social media.

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We want stories about ...

  • Community, Belonging & Neighborhoods
  • Family & Cultural Traditions
  • Racial Literacy
  • Family Separation & Reunion
  • Wearing Hijab
  • Names & Naming
  • Nappy Hair
  • Race, Identity & Your Whole Self ... and much more!

We will post more information about this initiative soon.