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Why and How Educators Can Nurture Friendships Between Kids of Color

Conversations about race and race relations in the US still are often framed in terms of how “White vs. Black” or “White vs. non-White” people interact and experience the world. But children growing up in our multicultural democracy increasingly interact across many different racial and ethnic lines. When relationships among communities of color do draw attention, the focus is typically on the tensions among them. Which is important, but far from the whole picture.

Watch this conversation about how educators can cultivate friendships and solidarity among children of color from an early age. We are excited to welcome first-time guests Liz Kleinrock & Madeleine Rogin. As always, we take your comments and questions.

We will post the transcript to this conversation within a week.

Liz Kleinrock

Liz Kleinrock (she/her) is a Korean-American, queer, Jewish, antibias and antiracist educator of both children and adults, and creates curriculum for K-12 students, specializing in designing inquiry based units of study. In addition to her work as a classroom teacher, Liz also works with schools and companies to facilitate learning for adults that supports antibias and antiracist practices. In 2018, Liz received the Teaching Tolerance Award for Excellence in Teaching, and in 2019 delivered her TED Talk, “How to teach kids to talk about taboo topics." In the spring of 2021, Liz released her first book, Start Here, Start Now: A Guide to Antibias and Antiracist Work in Your School Community with Heinemann Publishing, and is excited to announce the publication of four upcoming children's books with HarperCollins. She currently teaches and resides in Washington DC with her partner and two bunnies. More about Liz >
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Madeleine Rogin

A Change Leader for Ashoka’s “Start Empathy” Initiative and Changemaker Schools Network, Madeleine Rogin has been an educator of young children for over 20 years. For the past 15 years, she has been a kindergarten and dance teacher at Prospect Sierra School in El Cerrito, CA. She has also served as a summer school Principal for a local public school district. Beginning in the fall of 2022, Madeleine will be the Program Director for Step One School, an Early Childhood Education Center in Berkeley, CA. Her book, Change Starts With Me, Talking About Race in an Elementary Classroom, is due out in May, 2022. More about Madeleine >
Madeleine Rogin