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Looking for Excellent “Diverse” Books for Children? Start Here!

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In 8 tips for choosing ‘good’ picture books featuring Black and Indigenous people and People of Color (BIPOC), our colleagues at Diverse BookFinder offer recommendations about how to evaluate “diverse” and “multicultural” children’s books to find great books the children in your life will love.

In this piece, we identify promising starting points, in addition to the Diverse BookFinder, for your search for children’s books to which you might apply the criteria described in 8 tips. The blogs and sites named below by no means exhaust the list of sites that highlight excellent children’s books. Nor do all the books featured on those sites meet each of the 8 tips criteria. However, a search that begins with the sites on this list is likely to bear quality fruit!

EmbraceRace is not affiliated with any of these sites.

Major hubs for discovering diverse children's books

Children’s book sites and blogs we like

Creating an anti-bias children's book collection

Looking to create an anti-bias library or evaluate/review books yourself? These articles and frameworks about evaluating representation in children’s literature can help you think about bias in children’s books and other media.

Where to get ebooks for kids online