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July 2, 2024

New study uses EmbraceRace survey data

Tamara Montes de Oca
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Dr. Flora Farago, a professor in Human Development and Family Studies at Stephen F. Austin State University recently published an original paper in the Journal of Child and Family Studies based on an EmbraceRace community survey.

Her research is focused on how caregivers of young BIPOC children navigate the process of racial socialization to instill joy and resilience in their children amidst the challenges related to race and racism. Dr. Farago's study dives deep into the specific practices employed, the impact of current socio-political and pandemic contexts, and the developmental trends that shape these experiences.

The study was part of a larger effort initiated by EmbraceRace to understand the types of virtual resources and communities that caregivers of young BIPOC children need and have access to, to nurture resilient BIPOC children. Participants of the study were members of the EmbraceRace community. The study and survey questions served the dual purpose of informing EmbraceRace with practical information as well as expanding the literature on racial socialization. 

This research is a testament to the power of community and the importance of understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by BIPOC families. We look forward to continuing our work in supporting caregivers and providing the resources they need to raise brave, resilient children.