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June 24, 2024

EmbraceRace Supports Research Study on Talking with Kids about Police Violence

Maryam Zahid
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The EmbraceRace community participated in a recent Stanford University study on how children understand the structural reasons for police violence versus individual-focused explanations. Volunteer families in the EmbraceRace community connected with researcher and recent PhD, Nicky Sullivan, to support this important research. Always, our goals in supporting research are to find antiracist interventions that work. 

For guidance on how to talk to kids about the structural reasons for police violence (structures we can change!), check out EmbraceRace’s guide:  Explaining the “Why” Behind Police Violence Using Child-Friendly. The guide draws on a host of research-backed best practices to support your conversations with kids.

Want to support more antiracist research to support kids? Sign up for our Rapid Response Research Network to participate in future studies! 

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