We are creating a secure database of adults and children interested in taking part in fun, educational antiracism research. You could be one of them.
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Over the coming months and years, EmbraceRace will partner with fantastic researchers from across the United States to gather information and pilot tools that help adults and the kids in our lives be thoughtful, informed, and brave about race. This could be path-breaking stuff!

We are super excited about this line of work, and will need lots of help from you, the parents and guardians, educators, other adult caregivers, and children EmbraceRace is here to support. That could mean answering questions about your needs, helping your child play online games, test-driving a new antiracism tool, or something else.

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About EmbraceRace

EmbraceRace was founded in 2016 by two parents to create the community and gather the resources they need to meet the challenges of raising children in a world where race matters. We organize and create the tools, resources, discussion spaces, and networks that parents, early childhood educators, and other adults need to raise children who are thoughtful, informed and brave about race.

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It’s tempting at times to look for fast fixes to race-related problems, and really, there’s no such thing. Long-term change requires sustained thought, honest talk, and reflection, and the work they’re doing at EmbraceRace embodies all of these.
Jennifer Gonzalez, Educator, Cult of Pedagogy podcast