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Same Family, Different Colors: Talking About Colorism and Skin Color Politics in the Family

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Colorism—the preference for or presumed superiority of people based on the color of their skin—is related to racism but can be more subtle and, for many of us, feels less familiar. Colorism, at once an interracial and intra-racial phenomenon, can be particularly devastating when perpetrated within racial groups, often within families. 

Join us for a deep-dive into the origins of colorism in different racial and ethnic communities and how this pernicious form of discrimination affects our parenting and family dynamics. Journalist and author Lori Tharps joins us for a discussion about what colorism looks like - at home and in our communities - and how to raise our children to love the skin they are in. As always we look forward to your questions and comments!

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Lori L. Tharps

Lori L. Tharps is an associate professor of journalism at Temple University as well as an award-winning author, journalist, educator, podcast host, and popular speaker. She is the award-winning author of four critically acclaimed nonfiction books including Same Family, Different Colors: Confronting Colorism in America's Diverse Families. Lori lives in Philadelphia with her husband and three children. She is (almost) fluent in Spanish and can say I love you in seven languages.