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Color-Brave Community

What is the Color-Brave Community (CBC)?

We are an online community of learning and practice where parents and educators to young children of color (0-8 years) learn from and with each other to create spaces that nourish children of color, children who fully embrace their own - and each others’ - humanity. Supporting adults to raise all children to embrace their own and each others' humanity is part of the larger work of EmbraceRace. But because the needs and aspirations of children of color are so often de-centered, the EmbraceRace Color-Brave Community centers them.

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Who is the CBC for?

Parents, family members, educators, or other adults with a meaningful role in the lives of one or more young (0-8) children of color.

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What does the CBC offer?

Social Learning Group (SLG) on Facebook

Our Color-Brave Community Social Learning Group is hosted on Facebook. It's a private group made up of families and educators of children of color to learn, self-examine and share experiences with one another. Through monthly themes, webinars (the webinars are open to the entire ER community), Facebook reflections, a resource repository and weekly discussions, the group comes together to build their capacity to support and sustain Color-Brave children of color.

Webinar Series

Every other month, as part of our monthly Talking Race & Kids webinar series, we feature a webinar that focuses on issues relevant to raising and mentoring children in early childhood and expound on it in our SLGs and COLPs.

Communities of Learning & Practice (COLPs)

New COLPs will start three times a year and participation will be determined via an application process. Each COLP will be made up of a small group of individuals who are committed to doing the work of supporting young children of color to be brave, thoughtful, and informed about race. The groups will meet for 5 one-hour sessions that will be held every other week. These are not sit and get training sessions but rather a chance to explore ideas, share experiences, and learn from and with others in the group.

  • Our Fall COLP sessions are currently closed. To be informed when registration for our 2023 winter session is open, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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Join us!

Are you a guardian, parent or teacher raising and mentoring one or more children of color ages 0 to 8? Consider joining and building this learning community with us from the start!

  • Join the Color-Brave Community's Social Learning Group on FaceBook. Here's where you'll meet your peers, participate in moderated discussions and learn about monthly webinars and weekly Zoom discussions.
  • Join one of our Communities of Learning and Practice! The Fall 2022 session is closed but we'll let you know through the newsletter when registration for the Winter 2023 session is open.
  • Any questions/concerns? Email us at

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Early Childhood Resources

Supporting Healthy Racial Learning in Early Childhood - myriad resources from EmbraceRace

The Color-Brave Community is funded in part by generous donations from the LEGO Community Fund, the Heising-Simons Foundation, and the Rite Aid Foundation.