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Color-Brave Community

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What is the Color-Brave Community (CBC)?

We envision an online community of learning and practice where parents and educators to young children (0-8 years) learn from and with each other to create spaces that nourish Black and Indigenous children and children of color (BIPOC), children who fully embrace their own - and each others’ - humanity. Supporting adults to raise all children to embrace their own and each others' humanity is part of the larger work of EmbraceRace. But because the needs and aspirations of BIPOC children are so often de-centered, the EmbraceRace Color-Brave Community will center them.

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Who is the CBC for?

Parents, family members, educators, or other adults caring for one or more young (0-8) BIPOC children.

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What will the CBC offer?

Social Learning Group (SLG) on Facebook

Our Color-Brave Community Social Learning Group will be hosted on Facebook. It will be a private group made up of families and educators of BIPOC children to learn, self-examine and share experiences with one another. Through monthly themes, webinars (the webinars are open to the entire ER community), Facebook reflections, a resource repository and weekly discussions, the group comes together to build their capacity to support and sustain Color-Brave BIPOC children.

Communities of Learning & Practice (COLP)

An additional opportunity for Color-Brave community members to engage in learning is our Communities of Learning & Practice (COLP). COLPs will consist of small groups of no more than 20 members to allow for a more in-depth learning experience. Each COLP cycle will have a central theme and will last for three months. During the cycle, group members will be provided with additional content and will meet together to engage in small group discussions. Communities of Learning & Practice will be held three times a year and participation will be via an application process.

Resource Repository

One of the key features of the Color-Brave Community will be our Resource Repository. The Resource Repository will be a one stop place for locating answers to common questions that arise for families and caregivers of BIPOC children. It will consist of articles, webinars, action guides, and other tools that community members can use as a reference to as they navigate raising resilient and joyful BIPOC children who are Color-Brave.

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Join us!

Are you a guardian, parent or teacher raising and mentoring one or more BIPOC children ages 0 to 8? Consider joining and building this learning community with us from the start!

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The Color-Brave Resource Repository is coming soon! In the meantime, check out these related resources:

Supporting Healthy Racial Learning in Early Childhood - myriad resources from EmbraceRace

Resources organized by community questions

  1. Why is it so important to talk about race with children?

How do I begin to talk with even young children about race?

How can I find support for my own personal race work?

  • Coming Soon

How do I talk with children of color about discrimination and racism in ways that leave them feeling affirmed and empowered?

  • Coming Soon

What can I do to support trust-filled collaboration on racial learning between parents and educators?

  • Coming Soon

The Color-Brave Community is funded in part by generous donations from the LEGO Community Fund, the Heising-Simons Foundation, and the Rite Aid Foundation.