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Melissa Giraud



It’s complicated! I am the first-generation American, multiracial (Black/White) daughter of a French Canadian mother and Dominican (Dom-in-EEK-an) father, (as in: from the island of Dominica, NOT the Dominican Republic). My extended family is multiracial as was the Puerto Rican neighborhood I was raised in. I often am seen as white but just as often get the “what are you?” question or look. How I’m identified socially depends on the context and viewer. There are pleasures, privileges and pains that come with being so betwixt and between communities and identities. I have definitely come out strong against the enduring myth of racial purity!

Professionally, I’ve been most interested in supporting learning and life outcomes for underserved students and families, especially immigrant and BIPOC families. Those driving concerns have shaped my work as an educator, NPR producer, education technology strategist, foundation consultant, and now as a co-founder of EmbraceRace.

It is my great joy to be a mom to super reader and planet lover Lola (12) and storyteller and singer Lena (10), and partner to and co-parent with Andrew, who also has many talents and interests! Racially, Andrew identifies as Black and the girls identify as Black or mixed race.

For my professional details, check out my LinkedIn page here.