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Margaret Camarena

Director of Research & Evaluation

Margaret camarena

I am a Latino born in Kansas and raised in the Bay Area of California. I currently live in the Bay Area, but still have strong family ties to Kansas. I first got involved in research working with Latino and African American mentors while in college and went on to graduate school at Stanford to study with Alfredo Castaneda, an expert in bilingual/bicognitive development. After recently retiring from a career conducting evaluation and research studies for federal agencies and foundations, I am now collaborating with parents, educators, and my EmbraceRace colleagues to identify ways to help kids grow into strong, resilient adults.

As I begin my second career, my passion is to apply my evaluation and research skills to develop useful and effective resources that parents and other caregivers can use to raise children who have strong, healthy identities; a sense of pride in their racial/ethnic background and families; and the skills to achieve their goals and to advocate for social justice for themselves and others. While I hope that my work with EmbraceRace one day will help all parents in the US, my primary motivation is to ensure that the wisdom and practical knowledge about child-rearing of my parents’ generation be passed on to benefit future generations en mi familia and that their grandchildren have resources to help them raise their great-grandchildren. When I’m not busy doing research, I enjoy bird-watching and hunting for bugs with a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old future scientist and making quilts to keep them warm.