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Daryl Campbell

Director of Learning and Practice

Daryl Campbell headshot 1

As a Black man who is Jewish and gay, Daryl (he/his) understands his life’s work to live at the intersection of his Blackness and the other parts of his identity. Born in the South, his racial autobiography has been and continues to be a journey toward his Color-Braveness – a loved, healed, and fully-celebrated self in his Black skin. For Daryl, Color-Braveness is a practice that keeps him centered and whole.

Daryl’s personal work and professional work of Color-Braveness are inextricably linked, with one constantly informing the other. As an educator for 20+ years in Massachusetts, Georgia, and the District of Columbia, Daryl was guided by two core beliefs: 1) a quality education is a civil right and 2) education is liberation. Daryl has led on racial equity as a classroom teacher (elementary, middle, and high), teacher leader, instructional leadership coach, and district administrator. He has also developed expertise designing and facilitating interracial and intraracial dialogues about race to promote individual racial healing and action with the goal of advancing racial healing within communities.

As the Director of Learning & Practice at EmbraceRace, Daryl serves as the lead architect of the organization’s learning and practice systems, including visioning, implementing, and managing learning and practice systems; designing/co-designing content and curriculum; facilitating/co-facilitating learning; and collaborating with program staff to design learning journeys and deepen antiracist practices within EmbraceRace communities. For more details about past and present work, please click here to see Daryl’s LinkedIn page.

Daryl earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Wofford College and a Master of Education in Teaching and Curriculum from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

An inspiration:

A key concept in Judaism is that of tikkun olam, translated as “repair of the world.” It is the idea that each of us has both an opportunity and responsibility to fulfill the mission of repairing the world so that there is freedom, equality, and justice for all. Tikkun olam captures the essence of why Daryl is moved to serve in the way that he does.