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Early Childhood Collection

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Early childhood is the critical time in the development of children's ideas and attitudes about race. This collection of resources, supported by 4moms®, provides anti-racist resources for adults as we engage in a thoughtful, informed and age-appropriate way with the children in our lives. EmbraceRace and our community of caregivers and early childhood educators is here to support you on the journey to raising a race-brave generation.

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This collection of EmbraceRace resources is sponsored by 4moms®. 4moms® has transformed the baby gear industry by leveraging technology and user-centered design to create dramatically better products, like the MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing. The company continues to reimagine the parenting experience, and is committed to improving the lives of all parents and caregivers through product development, community partnerships, and grassroots projects. Explore 4moms®.