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Taliah Mirmalek

Staff blogger

Peace! My name is Taliah (Tal-ee-yeh) Mirmalek (Meer-ma-lek). I would like to start with a shout out to my teachers and professors throughout the years whose difficulties with my name really solidified my love and appreciation for phonetics, as well as a shout out to all the people who attempted to pronounce my name through the sounds they were raised hearing. The latter group has taught me that Taliah has meanings in Farsi, Arabic, Spanish, Hebrew, as well as in the Torah, Bible, and Qur'an.

In Farsi, "Tal-ee-yeh" means the first ray of sun during sunrise. All credit for this name goes to my loving Muslim Iranian parents, and, of course, my older sister Talat (a Qur'an name which means the on-going phenomena of sunlight) because without the incentive to match with her name, my parents would have named me "Atiyeh."

My sister and I are what we'd call "Third Culture Kids" (TCK), born in Oakland, Calif., raised between the Bay Area and Tehran, Iran. In other words, immersed in multiple communities but never 100% contained by one. Here, at EmbraceRace, we are building yet another community built on principles of social justice, with the understanding that the world of our children, similar to our/their names and geographical locations, are created and gifted to or imposed on them much prior to their conscious entrance into it. We're here to figure out how to build the possibilities for love. Vamanos.