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Susan Davis

Susan Davis is a poet, a radio and podcast producer/developer and a “connecter” a la Malcolm Gladwell. She was raised by an activist mother to be an activist. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Susan is a proud product of the post-1968 vision of a “New Detroit.” Her mother worked for City Councilwoman Maryann Mahaffey and included her family in regular community building (and re-building) activities and sent her children to the city’s public schools.

Susan has written and published poetry, essays, and edited anthologies. She has produced radio for shows like Talk of the Nation and Marketplace and oversaw The State of Things on WUNC. She leads Better Broadcasts, a podcast consulting group. In her writing and audio production, Susan has pursued topics that include systemic racism in the Midwest, beauty standards, motherhood and mental illness.  

Susan has been a lifelong social justice advocate. As a founding board member of The Women’s Health Empowerment Project in NYC, she worked to bring self-help and preventative health care practitioners into women’s shelters, to enable social justice through self-care. Later she taught writing to incarcerated and newly released women in Houston. Susan regularly volunteers her time to Book Harvest, a literacy program for at-risk kids, and Benevolence Farm, a residential organic farm staffed by women recently released from prison. She serves on the advisory committee of Outer Voices, a documentary outfit telling the stories of women and children in the Pacific rim.

Not least of all, Susan has a gift for connecting people and organizations who “need to know each other” and has used that super power to enable countless social justice and other heart projects to exist and thrive over the years.  

Susan has two children, a husband, a beat up mom van and a small, fluffy dog. Learn more about Susan at her website.