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Sofia Jarrin-Thomas

Staff blogger

Sofía Jarrín-Thomas was born in Quito, Ecuador and came to the United States for college, never with the intention of staying. Twenty-four years later, she has not only extended her visit but is now raising a family of her own in Massachusetts. Life happens, you know? Her daughter was born in Ecuador herself during a short five-year Latin American hiatus. Her husband is originally from Mexico City. They met in El Salvador and fell in love doing community radio together... Long story short, she has re-migrated up north, her husband is warily adapting to "America", and her daughter is slowly becoming bilingual.

She adds: "Together we are facing a new world of 'integration', 'assimilation' and 'immersion', whatever those words mean. Am I concerned about my daughter losing touch with her roots? Most certainly. Do I want her to be able to read Gabriel García Márquez One Hundred Years of Solitude in Spanish? No doubt! Do I hesitate checking off the "Hispanic" box? Every time. Sí, soy Latina, but what does that really mean?"