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Rubén Castilla Herrera

Rubén Castilla Herrera is a second generation Mexican-American born in Seguin, Texas. He is the seventh child of a family of eight. Herrera spent his childhood as a migrant farm worker, where his family migrated from Texas to California, Oregon and Washington. Ruben graduated from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon and attended the Methodist Theological School in Delaware, Ohio.

Ruben specializes in assisting organizations in the development of learning through systems thinking and planning, personal mastery, building shared vision, convening conversations that matter, team learning and achieving human potential through diversity and inclusion.

He speaks and writes on various issues and current events regarding the Latino/a community in Ohio and the Midwest. He serves on numerous boards and advisory groups including the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Central Ohio, the Latin@ Leadership Initiative and the Franklin County Mental Health Association. Cuirrently, he is involved with the national and local immigration rights movement and in Latin@ leadership development.

Herrera has four children and six grandchildren.