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Nadia Hussain

Staff blogger

For S. Nadia Hussain, growing up in a defacto satellite state of Bangladesh while moving from palm tree lined streets of Southern California to deep coal country in Pennsylvania led to some interesting, thought-provoking and panic-inducing experiences. Being an American Muslim Army brat only complicated matters. These experiences strengthened her commitment to working with marginalized communities, from advocating for South Asian women facing Domestic Violence in NJ to working with refugee communities and organizing inner city youth in the Bay Area to now organizing over a hundred college students around the country around voting and civil rights, Nadia is committed to pushing the status quo towards social justice and equality.

Yet her greatest project and uncharted adventure lies ahead as the new mother of an 11 month Bangladorian (Bangladeshi/Salvadorian) baby boy. She’s attempting to prepare for the challenges and triumphs of a parent raising a bi-racial child in an increasingly multicultural environment that can still clings to vestiges of divisiveness and fear. However, by combining her powers as an activist and a mother, she’s working tirelessly to provide the best future for her son and all children growing up in the most diverse societal experiment in the history of our world.