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Mary Ann Livingston

Staff blogger

I’m a Caucasian woman who has been writing professionally for businesses, newspapers & magazines for over 35 years. In 2007 I began working with high school students in Boston and L.A. to help them improve their writing, speaking and advocacy skills. This led to writing - with history teacher, Donald Sterrett - Find Your Voice and Take the Lead: A Student’s Guide to Public Speaking published in 2013.

I’m the mother of twin sons, and grandmother of seven-year-old Connor. I’m also a huge Mets fan – hoping 2016 will be AMAZING!` What I love about my work is first: hearing other people’s stories. Second: helping people learn to speak out and advocate for change. And third, learning. Some learning experiences have been transformational.

Teaching students to advocate for change has brought the issues they are dealing with up close and personal. I’ve seen the tremendous obstacles blocking their paths to success, and want to help. Today as racism again moves front and center in the public discourse, we need to find solutions with deep roots. To do so I believe we need to hear all the voices, to listen, to learn from each other, and to work together. EmbraceRace gives us a forum to do this – hooray!