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Karen Craddock


For Karen, her passion for building bridges between the world of ideas and the world of practice - anchored in the power of relationship and personal expression - is a thread that’s been woven throughout her life since childhood and followed her as an applied researcher, practitioner and parent of two now young adult sons who continually inspire and delight her.

As an African- American woman of Native American ancestry on both sides and active member of the Wampanoag Tribe (Aquinnah), the overarching lens of social justice and equity inform her personal aims that center around preventing violence, promoting wellness, fostering healing and building vibrant connections. This includes her commitment to exploring the intersections of race, class and gender and their impact on the ways we think, feel, and behave in our daily lives as caregivers, professionals and community members.

Author/Editor of Black Motherhood(s): Contours, Contexts and Considerations, Karen continues to review these concepts and her core aims in the advocacy, coaching and training she does, such as with JBMTI Wellesley College, Social-Emotional Learning Alliance of MA, Harvard Achievement Gap Initiative and the Sodina Project.