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Gita Gulati-Partee

Staff blogger

I believe that racial equity is essential to our shared humanity and to our own personal healing. As a native North Carolinian and the daughter of immigrants from India, I grew up as a brown “other” in a racially stratified, black-white town. Being asked on a daily basis, “Where are you from?” and “Which one are you?” made me acutely aware of my own marginalization and passionate about justice before I had the language for either.

This lived experience grounds my professional efforts to build the racial equity capacity of social justice groups through my consulting practice, OpenSource Leadership Strategies, Inc. In turn, my professional pursuits have gained new urgency since I became a mom through open adoption, joining a mixed-race child into our multi-racial family. Now, the questions I ask myself on a daily basis are, “How do we raise a happy and healthy mixed-race child of color in a white world?” and “What can a ‘neither/nor’ mom teach – and learn from – her ‘both/and’ child?”