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Artnelson Concordia

Staff blogger

Artnelson Concordia was born and raised in the working class and predominantly immigrant community of the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. He is the second son of Tagalog immigrants. Though very proud of his arkipelagic / archipelagic (so-called Filipino) origins, Artnelson is ethnically ambiguous. He used to get really irritated that NO ONE ever got it right! But he’s okay with that, now.

Artnelson is married to a bi-ethnic superwoman (Cebuana and Aragonese), and is father to 4 beautiful, café-con-leche hued, boys. With deep roots in organizing and teaching in communities of color, the work led him to his current role as lead teacher with San Francisco Unified School District’s Ethnic Studies initiative. He helps build curriculum, facilitates professional development and supports middle and high school teachers to effectively use a critical race lens to challenge all forms of oppression and dehumanization from their position as classroom educators.