Andrew Drinkwater

Staff Blogger

I am the proud son of Fred and Kerry, a senior currently studying psychology at Amherst College with a special interest in race and adoptive identity, and someone passionate about achieving justice and peace for all human beings.

My racial identity is not quite so simple, and I love that about me!  I am a transracially, internationally adopted individual.  My parents adopted me from Bogotá, Colombia when I was three months old and raised me in a suburb north of Boston. My adoptive identity deeply intersects with others’ perceptions of my race, as well as with my own conceptions of it.  While my parents are descendants of Italian and Irish immigrants, I identify strongly as a Latino-American with Colombian roots. Throw into the mix that I do not yet know the racial background of my birth parents, and my identity makes for some pretty intriguing conversations with my peers.

The complexities of my adoptive and racial identities challenge me to continuously question preconceived notions regarding race in America, and I embrace my lifelong adoption journey as an adventure of endless self-discovery. I aim to use my unique experiences to help in the fight against racial injustice. Through Embrace Race, I hope to use my voice to inspire others to lift their voices and join in the pursuit of creating a more equitable world for everyone.